Volks body Pullip Panda

ImageI got the new Volks body on my Pullip Panda – Sasha. It’s a rubber body with wires insideShe’s much firmer now and easier to pose. Not as flexible in some respects, but easier to stand up around the place without collapsing at the joints. None of her clothes fit anymore, which is a bit of a shame – also her feet are now midway between Pullip and Blythe so the shoes that fit her pullip feet are too big, and the blythe shoes are too small.  Arghh!  Will have to hunt around again. Some of the cheaper barbie ripoff dolls shoes fit but they’re not very pretty.

She has a Volks body, but when I looked at volks shoes and clothes I found them all quite expensive. Will have to sell some of the clothes I have that no longer fit… and also must get rid of my fanatica soon.