Tippy no teeth

Well, we had a bit of drama here yesterday. I noticed Tippytoes (aka Fluffy the Superhorse) was constantly licking her lips which was quite odd and on inspecting her mouth found that two of her front teeth had been pulled severely out of place and her gum was split and her mouth was (now that I was looking for something) quite out of alignment. The horse dentist I called in a panic told me this was not uncommon amongst young horses because they chew on EVERYTHING (like puppies) and sometimes get stuck and wrench their teeth out of their mouths. He said he would come and see what could be done. Sadly he had to pull the teeth but fortunately they were baby teeth and in about a year her adult teeth will come in (hopefully straight) and no-one will ever know the difference.

It’s so hard to get a decent photo of her because as soon as she sees you she comes over and wants to know what you’re holding. She just will not stand still some distance away while I snap.

This was so scary and of course today we are off to Bunnings to buy shade cloth to cover all the wire gates and anything else she’s likely to get her teeth stuck on. I knew she was a nibbler but never realised such a thing could happen and I’d never read about it. But she’s fine. Bright eyed, happy and eating as usual. We even played a game of soccer – where I kick one of those big fitballs and she runs after it and pushes it along with her front legs – SERIOUS! I’ll make a circus pony of her yet.

On a lighter not we went to see Circus Royale last night, and though it was cheesey and juggling balls got dropped and people couldn’t quite do their handstands, I still thought it was a good night out and if you’re in the area you should check it out!