This is your captain speaking

Finlay on his bedThis is a fairly old picture of Finlay, but as I’m trying to document some of our life on this here website, I thought it deserved an airing. Finlay sleeps on the bottom bunk in the boys’ room – although it’s been promised he’ll move to the top bunk for a year on his birthday when he turns five (in June). Caelan is not thrilled about this but seeing that he’s already had an extra year (he was supposed to swap when Finlay turned four) I think he’s got no right to complain.

It’s a constant battle to negotiate the sibling rivalry between these boys. Mainly its Caelan, being the first born, demanding everything for himself and no rights or privileges for Finlay. I hope his first year at school will teach him more about sharing and the desire and rights of others to also ‘have a turn’.