Things have been quiet…

but only on my blog. At home things have been somewhat busier. The school holidays, for starters were reasonably busy and I spent Easter making this doll.

The pattern is from Dolly Dolly and I was alerted to its existence by reading about it on Melissa‘s blog. I’d begun one of these pose doll projects several times before… first trying to cast head shapes and covering them with material, and using a vintage Rune pattern for the body. This time I was determined to go “all the way”… but of course I haven’t (yet!)

But she’s getting pretty darn close. I need to finish her hair and her clothes… but that’s the fun part anyway.

I’m making an effort to just enjoy the process rather than rushing to the finish line and it’s been kind of fun. Hopefully this weekend will see her finished and I can start another in different fabric. Calico was probably not the best choice. I will get something stretchy and not stuff it so tight.

The thing I love most about this doll though, is her heft. She feels really robust and, I don’t know… real! So maybe I’d lose that if I don’t pack her so tightly. Anyway, I have learnt some things along the way that will help if I do get around to making her sister.