The ongoing transformation of loungeroom X

We moved the dining room into the lounge room, and the lounge room into the dining room. For me the house now "works". We don't sit down in front of the tv to eat, because the dining table is closer. The lounge room now doesn't need an old piece of fabric hung over the window to block out the sun so that one can see the tv, because it's now naturally shaded by our verandah (the dining room window now has some shadecloth hung over it because it's going to be 39 degrees celsius (104F) today, but that's temporary. We bought new couches and some ottomans(men) Smile. The colours are all co-ordinated. Guy's 'nude' (affectionately referred to as 'flaps' by me) is now hanging above the fireplace. I am happy.

I bought this on ebay:


Ebay Purchase (Photo by 1donnaski)

to put in here:


Corner of my Loungeroom

but it's going to look barren if left empty, so I made a Boydie:


Plush Tiger Boydie


I think I'm gonna love it once it's all put together.