Tessa furniture.. and the 70s

Whilst reading one of my favourite blogs this morning (and I’ll tell you more about why later) I found this advertisement for the (almost) exact same furniture we had when I was a kid.

We even had that glass topped table, except ours was clear, not smokey glass, and matching footstools. I have to ask my Mum for the photos from my uncle’s first wedding where this furniture was most evident (he had his wedding at our home).

Up until a couple of years ago Mum even had pieces of this suite stored in the roof of her house, although it had been reupholstered in some kind of heavy white calico(?) instead of the orange fine corduroy it was when we were kids. My parents were pretty stylish in many ways, but I think I believed our furniture to be a bit whacky compared to what my friends had in their houses. Mind you, being German i always felt a bit different.

As to why I love reading about Retro fabrics… my Oma (grandma) worked in a shop in Melbourne in the 70s and 80s called “Curtains and Cushions”, which sold upholstery and curtain fabrics. I would sometimes go there for the day during the holidays while my mother and father were at work, hiding behind the display curtains and admiring all the bold geometric prints and garish floral fabrics that were de rigeur during those years (not the 80s so much).

I love to see 70s fabrics and see what I can spot that was in the shop. I REALLY wish I had some photos of my childhood bedroom to show just how bold and over the top we went with 70s style decorating, from yellow Decor tub tables to huge scandinavian style “bird in a tree with girl underneath” wallpaper in primary colours on a navy background.

What do you remember most about your childhood home?
Me 1970s
There it is… sadly what’s not apparent in this photo is that i’m wearing a jumper with a kind of shaggy depiction of laurel and hardy on it, and those mustard pants are actually the bottom half of a knitted pantsuit…  No wonder those around me were drinking so much sherry to forget their woes. And the table *was* smokey… although I’m pretty sure at some stage that glass plate was replaced. It actually lifted right off quite easily – although it was heavy!