Some progress is being made… but where’s the polyfill?

I’ve gone through my precious fabrics (those ones I love so much I can’t bear to cut) and chosen a few for this year’s Softies for Mirabel appeal. Seems I only get off my a** to make stuff when it’s for charity or as a gift…

So I’m somewhat excited to start sewing again (instead of having my hands covered in glue and whatnot – more about that later), and have also found a cut out, but not yet made up Mausfrau from last year. I’ll add her to the pool, sans ears this year.

I’ve just realised I don’t have any polyfill… I’ll have to sew tonight and stuff tomorrow after a quick trip to Spotlight to get the requisite ‘guts’ for my toys.

If anyone would like to test my Boydie pattern to make a Softie for Mirabel, leave a comment or email me.