Softies for Mirabel Bought Two, Donated Two.

Softies for Mirabel Robots

I didn’t think I’d have anything ready this year for the Softies for Mirabel cause run by the lovely Meet Me at Mikes, so I bought these guys. I’m going to give them to my boys for Christmas (if you’re reading this C & F, I’m not talking about you, *cough* ok…!) I did actually end up making something though…

Maufrau (earless)

and something else…. Mausfrau (boyish)

Mausfrau (earless) Face

Mausfrau (Boyish) Face

I hope a little (or big) someone likes them. That stripey one is made from a felted Country Road jumper and super soft (can’t think of a better use for a CR jumper really… not being a Country Road kind of girl myself).

I’ve also been making lots of Bead Dolls, they’re getting so super cute (even if I do say so myself) and I’ll let those of you that have expressed an interest in them know as soon as I have some available for sale.

Lastly… if you’ve had problems commenting I’m sorry, but I just can’t find anything wrong… I’ve tested it in different browsers on different computers and the only thing that might be up is that it takes a little while to actually post… I think that’s because my comment spamguard is taking a bit of time to figure out if you’re legit or not. So please try… and let me know if it’s still not working by sending me a frustrated email.





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