Six things that make me happy

I got tagged by Claire to tell about 6 things that make me happy so here goes (in no particular order):

1.     I sold something on Etsy: (hey, even OAKS START SMALL!!)

Kokeshi Postcard

2. My elbow is killing me. That’s not good in itself, but it is a sign that today I mastered a jump, turn at skating from forwards to backwards (after falling over a couple of times – not a pretty sight for a lady of my advanced years). Next week I wear more padding.

3.  I think I’m getting better (despite my failing eyesight – and that’s not a joke!) at painting the faces on these little bead dolls:

bead doll face 2

 4.  These cushions and kitties. The kitties are from Devon Park, and the cushions are from Adairs.

Pretty Kitties and Cushions

 5.  My piles of dolls. I need to display them in a more fetching manner, but I quite like having a pile of these things. 

Pile o' Stuff

6.  My older son’s team, playing their first season of basketball, being at the top of the ladder and heading for the finals. My other son allowing me to join his in-line skating class every Saturday (that will only last a couple more years)! And today, because older son had no basketball he came skating with us and even though he’s not that great at it (yet) he gave it a go and improved 100% in the course of the lesson.

the Morton boys now!

And because I’m now in too much pain in the elbow, and my eyes are itching from my cat allergy and because one of the things that makes me happy is reading other people’s blogs, I will now pass the baton to:






anyone else that wants to join in  because I can’t think of  a sixth person right now. So go to it… write about the six things that make you happy today.