I’m sick

I've been sick since friday (or before even) and I'm really fed up with it. I feel so tired all the time and really haven't felt up to much except sewing a few dolls clothes and doing a little bit of knitting. The house is a mess!

The boys went to stay with their Opa and Margi on Friday and Saturday night so that gave me a goodish rest, but I still don't feel up to facing the rest of the week. Tomorrow the kinder/swimming/creche/work cycle starts again. This year is really hectic and I feel so disorganised. I'm sure other people would cope with it better than me… maybe I'm just feeling sorry for myself this week and it will all be good again soon.

Guy had a gig last night. It really is a waste of time gigging in Melbourne. At least that's how it feels now that I don't have my finger on the pulse of the music scene as I did in my twenties.  Dirt Unit played well but what's the point if there's no-one there to witness the greatness!

Anyway, I think Finlay's dropped something in the keyboard (he's been playing putt putt on here) and it's getting on my nerves… the space bar keeps sticking. We're off to have a Grill'd burger (no more supporting the evil empire) so that's all I'll write.

Be Gone!