I haven’t been completely not doing anything online (how very Charlie and Lola). I did sign up to Redbubble to post some of my artwork as it happens.

This is one of the latest illustrations I’ve done.


… relax already!


It’s struck me as ironic just yesterday that I try to maintain a blog when I’m probably one of the least communicative people I know. I do love to show off, I just don’t like talking about it much. I don’t much like explaining things, describing things or telling a story (that’s not going to fit well with that childhood idea that I might become a novelist!). When people ask on a Monday how my weekend was I’m exhausted by even just *thinking* about telling them what I got up to. So I just say fine and move on. But my inner life is exciting. I’m never bored, always have something up my sleeve and seem perpetually busy.  I do like *doing* things. I like taking the photos and I love fine-tuning my website, but when it comes to talking about every day life I become mute. Which kind of explains why there hasn’t been much going around here lately.

Oh dear, a whole paragraph! I must go have a lie down… 


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