Quick Catchup

Been busy doing 'housey' things lately. We finally got a new stove (pictures coming when I find the charger for my camera batteries) AND  a new dishwasher. Ripped the kitchen somewhat apart – looks cool if you like that exposed-brick-industrial-french-provincial farmhousey look – I do! Think I might paint one of the walls blue with the leftover paint from the boys' room. It's a lovely blue and I think it will look nice with the bricks and white woodwork. 

We also got a guy in to do a quote on an attic ladder. While he was there he gave us a ballpark figure for putting three rooms upstairs (with a proper staircase). It's not nearly as bad as we expected. We're talking to the bank! Woohoo. Have done NOTHING crafty. Will get to that soon I hope. 

Busy Busy Busy. 

Tomorrow I have a fairly casual appt. with Caelan's teacher to see how he's going at school. I think he's getting better. I also want to reroort one of my blythe dolls with mohair. I wish I didn't have to work for a living.

Weekend is going to be spent filling our rubbish skip with the leftover crud from the kitchen. Neighbour is having a garage sale. Maybe we'll sell something.

Over and out.