Novelty Art Cushions for Sale

This page is dedicated to the novelty art cushions I have on sale at a variety of web-based retailers.

BOX FOX Firstly I have the Box Fox, based on the Box Fox soft toy design,  a cute, hairy fox for your bed or couch that won’t make you sneeze or require you to vacuum.

Novelty Art Cushion Fox

BOYDIE BIRD This novelty bird cushion is based on an original collage of mine and features “Boydie” a bird silhouette that pops up often in my artwork and soft toys.

WINE The ‘wine cushions’ were originally designs for wine labels for a charity fundraiser. They are Shiraz,Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay all available at Redbubble.

Handmade Art Cusions

HARLEY Harlequin bird inspired by one of my favourite shows as a kid “The Partridge Family“.

Handmade Art Cushion