No longer an angel


Caelan at 6 months (his first Christmas)

I’m so glad I have this photo with which to embarrass my firstborn come his 21st birthday. Not sure how they got him to smile like that, it wasn’t his thing really 🙂

Anyway… my little boy is no longer an angel. In fact, I’m beginning to worry (A LOT!). He came home from school on Tuesday telling me his teacher said he did not have to go to school the next day. I told him that was too bad, because I had to go to work so he would have to go anyway. Then on Wednesday night I saw his teacher at the ‘Classroom Helpers’ programme they run at the school for mothers and fathers of prep kids. He told me a couple of things about the troubles he was having with my boy, which I half chuckled, half cried about. Guy and Andi’s son is prone to flights of fancy and can tell quite a convincing story when he likes. It seems that on that same Tuesday (mentioned above) he’d told his teacher that he, in fact, had a dentist appointment and would be unable to attend class the following day… this is starting to sound a bit like my teenage fibs along the lines of ‘you tell your mum you’re staying at my place, and I’ll tell mine I’m staying at yours… and then we’ll stay OUT all night’! Mind you, I was fifteen and Caelan is only 5… and if I hadn’t had to send him to school despite his teacher saying he wasn’t required, due to work commitments, neither his teacher or I would have been any the wiser. *sigh*.

And while I’m here I want to have a whinge!!! I created a website for our Kindergarten and someone HACKED AND DEFACED it. How rude and stupid!