New Look, Different Life…

As usual I begin my blog post with a weak apology about my absence and an even weaker promise to do better in future.

Firstly, I have changed the look of my site… please enjoy. Fresh content would probably be more valuable but I haven’t had a lot of time to concentrate on this.

Secondly, I wonder whether I’ll write much at all in future… at least about ‘life’, as one of my regular readers is no longer watching.

On April 24th my mother passed away unexpectedly after (at least to our knowledge) a short illness. We’re yet to find out what exactly it was, but she had a tumour in her heart which may have been cancer. It’s very rare, but I’m keen to know what it was.

So here are two tributes to my mum. One that I wrote so that she’d know how cool I reckon she was, and that she read

And one that I created so everyone else could see how cool she was.

Bye Mum… I’m so sad I can’t share anything with you any more.

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