My little pony, I love my little pony

Tippytoes (aka Fluffy the Superhorse, pka Redvale Park Shiraz) is just gorgeous. She’s learning new stuff all the time and it seems the secret is out around here, judging by the number of Mums at the first day of prep I had coming up and asking if it was really, really true that we had a horse in our backyard.


I wasn’t sure about her to start with. She seemed nippy and ill-tempered. But as we’ve got to know each other I’ve learnt that she actually just craves company and she’s very clever.

I’ve been teaching her to lead and tonight we just about jogged all the way on our evening walk. She looks very pretty when she’s trotting along beside me. She’s not even waist high, but she can go when she wants. I have her ‘catching up’ when I tell her now, and the trotting does her good because it wears down her tiny hooves, which means less farrier money to spend, and it keeps her in shape – given that she has the horsey equivalent of a beer-belly just now. I love her more each day – especially the way she whinnies when anyone comes out the back door. She also follows me non-stop around the garden and watches me cleaning up, pulling weeds and re-arranging to try to make our garden an adventure playground for both the boys and her.