My computer is killing me!

I am finding that spending time on my computer is becoming increasingly painful. For some reason it’s really affecting my eyes, sometimes to the point of giving me a migraine. I think it’s something to do with my video card, monitor, or refresh rate, and it happens at work a lot too. I find the screen too glary; the whole exercise too painful and so I’m driven to find other pursuits – thank god!


I had hoped to finish a different painting tonight, but that one’s done in oils (this one acrylics/collage), and I had no turpentine in the house (I tried eucalyptus oil, and though it cleans my brushes I’m nervous about using it on the painting). It’s Good Friday and Guy is out rehearsing and it’s raining so I didn’t want to go out – especially if it meant finding all the shops were shut.


I may give it to my mother as it’s her birthday tomorrow, but I’m not sure it’s her cup of tea, and I am thinking of doing a whole series. This was my first attempt and there are things I would do differently given the chance – different colours, different glue for the paper…. If she reads this and likes it, she’s welcome to it. What do you think, Mum??? Otherwise, it will become the first of a set.

Now… if only I could do painting for a living instead of working on computers…  🙁

As an aside, tonight whilst washing Caelan’s  hair in the bath, I commented on how long it was getting. He said we should cut it and I said "no… I like it long. Trust me, long hair will be ‘in’ soon and you’ll be the coolest kid at school."

He said "ok, I didn’t like my old ‘look’ much". Now that took me by surprise – a five year old boy being aware of his ‘look’??