Mini Studio How I love thee

I bought a mini-studio lightbox with two lights from ebay and am thrilled with it. Now I can take photos of tiny things (and dolls) all day and all night, regardless of the weather or time of day. Now I just need something worth taking a picture of. Better go make something…
“A sketch a day” has dropped off as my ADD kicked in… A half finished (that’s optimistic) a half-started painting sits against the wall near my desk waiting for my interest to resurface. I wish I could stick to things. I haven’t even done any exercise this week. I think it’s this half cold I have at the moment. Not sick enough to keep me home from work, but sick enough to not feel like doing much of anything.
Holidays next week. Yay. Going horse riding on Sunday and hopefully will pop in to see a Blythe friend in her first? roller derby on Saturday. Woo!
3 days moles! by Purple_Tiger/ Jam Slammington.