Cockatoo Art (Geometric) – Free Download

, Cockatoo Art (Geometric) – Free DownloadThis cockatoo art was inspired by the low poly geometric artwork that’s been featured on the internet and on home decorating shows. As I hadn’t done anything creative for a while I decided to look up some tutorials on low poly art. I followed the one below and created the Cockatoo from a photo that I took in my backyard.

It was quite fun to do, and I suppose if you had the time you could make something like this into a patchwork cushion or applique it onto a blanket.

Geometric low poly art tutorial

I used this tutorial on YouTube by Isometric Obsession. They made it so easy. Prior to that I thought you needed to use some kind of special filter, but you don’t. It takes a bit of time, but any creative pursuit is quite meditative for me so I actually enjoyed making it.

Cockatoo art – download for free

If you don’t want to try making a low poly artwork yourself, you can download my Cockatoo artwork below. The file is 8×10 and high resolution  to print and frame. Please send a picture or post it on my Facebook page if you use it to hang up in your room.

, Cockatoo Art (Geometric) – Free Download

I’ve also been playing with other low poly ideas to make colourful backgrounds which could be used to print fabric or wrapping paper at places like Spoonflower.