Lovely Pose Dolls from Melbourne…

ImageSo… I’m totally obsessed with pose dolls at the moment, and those japanese fairground dolls, made of felt with those big sparkly eyes. My mum had one that she got from a fair in the US back in her showgirl days which she passed onto me and I had for many years… until disaster struck. When I moved in with Guy we both had complete houses full of stuff… so mine went into the garage, which sadly wasn’t watertight. The fairground doll got wet, mouldy and wrecked. Looking back I wish I hadn’t been so hasty in throwing her out, but at the time I was pregnant and had a six month old baby and we were preparing the house for sale and it just all seemed too hard.

Anyway, so I recently bought “The Lovely Pose Doll” book by Ayumi Uyama and I just love it.


And because I keep getting outbid by a particular person on ebay that doesn’t seem to want to let ANYONE ELSE have a nice pose doll!!!!! GRARGGHGHGHGHGH… I decided to start making my own.



but how am I going to do these hands????





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