In the style of Loretta Lux


I’ve been mucking around with my tablet again… I really like the work of Loretta Lux and Finlay’s sad, big eyed face suits this style perfectly… so I gave it a go. It probably needs the contrast pulled down a bit to get that *real* vintage look she gets, but I like it the way it is too. I think I’m going to do the other boys as well and have a series of three portraits in the hall (once I paint the darn thing).

The other thing I’ve been up to is scanning loads of the boys artwork and certificates. I’ve decided rather than ‘scrapbooking’ their lives I’m just going to publish a book at the end of each year featuring their photos and achievements from the year. Much easier as I’m really not that into scrapbooking as a craft. I downloaded the software from Blurb  and have been busily compiling… I have 8 years worth of stuff to catch up on! Their 7×7″ is a really nice, practical format. Something I think the boys won’t be embarrassed about having on their shelves when they’re older, one for me to keep and some for the grandfolks. Much more manageable than those unwieldy 12×12″ scrapbooks… not to mention I’m crap at it. I just don’t ‘get’ scrapbooking!  It’s also reasonably affordable. i’ll need to publish 6 books each year… that’s ok, non?