Let the festivities begin…

I was thinking of reintroducing the Fondue party to my social repertoire in 2009, but now that I’ve found this book (Lots of Fun to Cook. Published by Williams Collins in 1972, and intended for children?) I believe I have acquired the savoir faire required to give my parties the va-va-voom they’ve been lacking! Lots of Fun to Cook007.jpg by you.

Take this Cheese Harlequin for instance. Dontch love that babybel rind hat? Further usurping of the fondue can be achieved with these adorable Cheese Mice. Just roll some cream cheese into a mouse shape, garnish with parsley for a tail and processed cheddar ears for that authentico mousey look!

Lots of Fun to Cook008.jpg by you.

An egg with a small boiled potato skewered to it, cunningly arranged in a plate of lettuce, does a fair impression of a duck. Stick 2 peppercorns in its head for eyes and decorate the rest of the plate with carrots daubed with mayonnaise. Yum Yum.

Lots of Fun to Cook005.jpg by you.

Olive ears and a salami hat make these “EggHeads” a real show stopper.

Lots of Fun to Cook004.jpg by you.

And for the Germanic among us, the following meat and potato dishes are unsurpassed.

Lots of Fun to Cook009.jpg by you. Lots of Fun to Cook003.jpg by you.

Wash it all down with some “Mandarinade”

Lots of Fun to Cook001.jpg by you.

or a “Smiling Dolphin”… (what the f*&K were they thinking???)

Lots of Fun to Cook002.jpg by you.

and finish off with this fine fruit salad.

Lots of Fun to Cook006.jpg by you.



So… I’m thinking of having a party. Are you coming? {mxc}