It’s F F F Freezing here in Melbourne.

Do you like my dolly from Shop 66? She has a big sister too. This photo was taken with my phone. Tomorrow or sometime on the weekend I’m gonna take some proper pictures of my beautiful dolls and whatnot. I am – promise. By the way, it’s not snowing in my office… that’s just Picnik

I don’t know why, but I’ve been too busy to blog. Too tired to get my computer running properly. I don’t know why (actually I do, it’s because I’m DIETING and I HAVEN’T HAD ENOUGH CHOCOLATE!!). I’ve never really properly dieted before. I’ve exercised more, I’ve given up chocolate at night, that kind of thing… but I’m actually counting calories (on my iphone no less – it’s cool!) I should be down to my pre-babies, 20 something year old weight in about 9 weeks if I keep this up. Bikini time here I come… yeah… if someone will remove the sagging skin that’s gonna be left behind. Any tips on that?

I have fixed comments. They tried to tell me it wasn’t working but I didn’t believe them… well I did, I just couldn’t see the problem myself and was too busy to investigate. Now I’m not. I’ve fixed it. Is anyone out there???