I’m sure I’d get a lot more done…

 if the internet wasn't so much fun… 




As the title says… I'm sure I'd get a whole lot more done if I didn't spend so much time looking at everyone else's adorable work and thinking 'must try that!' 'oooh, I wanna paint', etc. and then never getting around to doing anything because I'm just overcome with cute! I'm sure y'all know what it's like.

Image Anyway, this week's inspiration nod goes to Moonstitches Mangetsu who drives me nuts with her adorable needle books and pin cushions and JEALOUS with her fabrics and trims and her adorable clothes.

A German (like me) living in Japan (not like me), Alex has so many gorgeous crafty materials at her fingertips, but if it wasn't for her brilliant imagination and colour sense it wouldn't all work as well as it does. My hero!