Hold your horses…!

How cute is this picture of Finlay and Tippytoes?  He’s very confident with her now. Finlay’s only four but he still makes Tippy look tiny – which she is. We took her out today (Sunday) which was a bit of a bad idea because there are just so many people around; families driving in their cars and pulling over to see the little horse. I swear I hate the attention and oftentimes just smile and keep moving. Tippy is too young to dig all those people wanting to pat her, and I get tired of answering the same questions time and time again. Guy came and I think he somewhat enjoys telling people about her, but I just want to exercise her and then hide her away again before something happens!!!
Finlay and Tippy
She met her first poodle today which was kind of amusing. She wanted to go after it and play but Poodle wasn’t having any of that. On the way home she was very frisky and bouncing around – which is better than having to drag her along with her neck out, but makes her quite a handful too.

Tonight she was galloping around the garden, so I went out to watch. I realised what had got her going was a leaf stuck to her eye with spiderweb. She was flipping out, but when I called her over she settled down and let me remove it so I’m guessing she has learnt to trust me over the past several weeks and, although she gives me lip from time to time, still views me as someone that cares for her and wants to help her.