Happy Birthday Finlay

Finlay's Birthday

So, F & C are both eight as of this writing. It’s quite amusing that they’re both the same ‘age’ given there’s about 6 inches height difference between them. Once seems much younger (it’s his perverse nature – he acts young but his intellect is around 2 years advanced), the other seems much older – he likes to hang with older kids and be like them. They’re both still my babies whatever age they are.

So, as mentioned earlier, F likes Pokemon so I made him this PokeBall cake.

He also wanted to do something ‘exciting’ for his birthday, and because it was raining and Luna Park isn’t my thing at the moment – I will get over my fear of heights one day! we visited the Eureka Tower Skydeck and had “The Edge Experience”

Finlay's Birthday


Happy Birthday Gorgeous!