Free style cat embroidery

free-style cat embroider

Today I spent some of my lazy Sunday doing some embroidery. It was only a partially lazy Sunday as I also did a ‘spill and fill’ on the boys room. That’s where I tip everything off their bookshelves, and out of their cupboards, sweep it into the hall and only put back those things that are worthy to keep. There’s only a small pile left in the hall which I have to deal with in the morning as Finlay has a kinder friend coming over.

Anyway… back to my embroidery…

I’ve been wanting to do some embroidery for ages, so I started today on a scrap of calico I had hanging around the place. I had bought some embroidery cotton on special last week whilst taking my post chiropractic ten-minute walk (y’know I think he put something out in my back, instead of putting something back in this time!), so anyway… I was keen to get started. I don’t really know where I was going with it, I just did a few things to see if I could.

I love embroidery, but I need a plan. Last night I was trying to crochet stuff but I didn’t have a plan (and can’t read patterns very well) so nothing was coming out right and that’s something I really don’t like. Caelan was keen for me to give him this embroidery, but I really don’t know what a five year old boy would do with it. We decided that I would probably embroider something from one of his pictures soon. Maybe a hankie?

free-style cat embroider

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