Free sewing pattern for a bakers boy cap

Here is my free sewing pattern for a bakers boy cap.

This is a a free sewing pattern for personal use for a bakers boy cap suitable for a 55cm [22 in] circumference head . I originally made this from a pattern for a Blythe doll that I modified and enlarged. Leave off the band if you don’t want it too boofy!

I made this one to sell at our kindergarten’s fete craft stall. This was the first one – trial run –  I’ve made but I will probably do more. I added the band to the pattern, but I think it would probably look better without it

History of the bakers boy cap.

The baker boy cap is an 8 panelled cap with a button on top and a stiff brim. It’s similar to a flat cap and has also been referred to as a pageboy, cabbie, newsboy and fisherman’s cap. I adore them so I decided to make one myself and since I had to make a pattern to do that I am sharing it with you here today.

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Because I usually just ‘wing it’ when I make things, I don’t have a lot of instructions to share.

To make the cap, download the pattern and then print to A4 paper at 100%. Stick all the pages together then cut out the pattern pieces.

The brim requires some stiffening and it probably wouldn’t hurt to put some in the band as well.  You can adjust the size of the crown pieces (eg elongate them, or play with the shape) to get a different fit. You need to be careful not to change the size at the bottom because that will determine how well the crown fits to the band.

This is actually a pretty easy project. You can have some fun with it by cutting another set of crown pieces in a different fabric and play with making the cap reversible. Because each of the crown pieces is pretty small, it also makes a cute patchwork project that uses up scrap fabric.

Good luck, and I’d be happy if you shared your pictures on my Facebook page. #superminxbaker


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