Free sewing pattern for a bakers boy cap

Here is my free sewing pattern for a bakers boy cap.

This is a a free sewing pattern for personal use for a bakers boy cap suitable fora 55cm [22 in] circumference head . I originally made this from a pattern for a Blythe doll that I modified and enlarged. Leave off the band if you don’t want it too boofy!

I made this one to sell at our kindergarten’s fete craft stall. This was the first one – trial run –  I’ve made but I will probably do more. I added the band to the pattern, but I think it would probably look better without it

History of the bakers boy cap.

The baker boy cap is an 8 panelled cap with a button on top and a stiff brim. It’s similar to a flat cap and has also been referred to as a pageboy, cabbie, newsboy and fisherman’s cap. I adore them so I decided to make one myself and since I had to make a pattern to do that I am sharing it with you here today.

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