Finally cleaned out the op shop…

Good old Hazel Rothwell* was an avid crafter, delighting in the joys of cross stitch and embroidery, subscribing to the Golden Hands Series’ religiously, and crafting, crocheting and carousing until, at 89, her eyesight failed her. She passed her legacy onto her children and grand children, but they are members of the fast food generation; those that want everything at drive-thru speed; with no patience for handcrafted quality, or respect for work done by one’s own hands.

Thank GOD!

Because if Hazel’s (grand)kids cared about this stuff I wouldn’t have, over several months, inherited most of her fabulous 50s-70s craft books collection from one of my favourite op shops (which shall remain nameless because I know how easy it is to lose a treasured find to others if one gives too much away, and I’m just not ready to let that happen again.)

So, today on the way back from our inline skating lessons I did a quick circuit of said op shop and was rewarded with these fine treasures. Ondori Cross Stitch in Small Designs (pictures above), A book of Cross Stitch alphabets released by DMC.

And another fine Golden Hands pamphlet to add to my collection. Thank you Hazel Rothwell. You’ve made my day!

* The names in this story are true, but the story is entirely fictitious. I’m still grateful though 🙂

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