Dolly… how I love you… is a place I frequent regularly to catch up with Gretchen’s latest vintage finds and adorable dolls. I missed out on this one by seconds (my husband breathes a sigh of relief), but she regularly posts new ones from her extensive collection (why am I telling you this???) so there is still hope.

Dolly… how I love you…

Lately I’ve been working mostly on websites – other peoples’ and my own. I’ve recently updated my backend software so some things are no longer working, or missing but I’m getting there. I wanted to do this before I made any significant effort with my shop. I’m not happy with the look of the site just yet, but very happy with the features. More updates will be coming over the next few weeks including some tutorials and patterns I’ve been meaning to share.

ps. if you have a bendy 60s Holiday Fair pose doll to sell please leave me a comment 🙂