D Golding Prints and the tale of the psycho neighbour

I acquired these recently and just love them. They’d look great in our bedroom but I’m still negotiating that with my beloved over that. I don’t really know anything about “D Golding”… if you do, leave a comment! In other news, I have been doing the tax… whoohoo! And continuing to work on my website, and other people’s sites (eek, I should be doing that tonight) And taking children to a variety of sporting classes and whatnot. And not being organised enough to do anything else while I’m there (though I did string some bookmarks together at skating today). My big boy played his first basketball game and the team won their first match. I’m pretty sure there’s no correlation between the two, but it sure makes him want to play again next week and that’s a good thing. And… we just realised we have a psycho neighbour. Some time ago the boys’ room was updated (in a big way) and we exchanged some of their furniture for newer, more practical options. The old furniture was placed on the nature strip in the hope that someone would pick it up and re-use it. And some people did take a couple of items. Said psycho neighbour then came by and asked if she couldn’t please use a bit of wood from the furniture for some job or other around her house. We said yes, because we’re nice neighbours, and she took a piece of wood… in the process of which she destroyed a chest of drawers. But she was kind enough (ahem) to leave the rest of aforementioned chest of drawers on the nature strip. Now it’s been some time since all this happened, and life gets busy, and my usual free fridays where I do things that aren’t necessarily fun, but are necessary, have been eaten up by school holidays and sick children and public holidays where the children are home and that skip I have been promising to get to put all this rubbish in just hasn’t made it to our house yet… and so this morning, psycho neighbour decided to pile it all up on the low front wall/fence of our house, and one piece on the lawn. I’m pretty sure it was her, because the dog was barking like anything (at 7:30am) and he’s not fond of psycho neighbour because when he barks sometimes psycho neighbour shouts ‘shut the f**k up’ from her house (as if THAT’S going to make him quiet). He’s a little dog, little dogs bark because they’re afraid, she has a dog, she should know that being friendly will make the little dog quiet, not being a b*tch… anyhoo.. so little dog is going off, and I go out the back to figure out why and he’s quiet. When I come back inside I see furniture on front wall. I step outside just in time to watch psycho neighbour backing out of her driveway (it’s 7:30 am on a Saturday). I put two and two together about who’s been decorating our fence. I think it’s funny and I’m leaving the stuff where it is for another six weeks now just to annoy her… even though the skip was being ordered this week… More news when it comes to hand