Licca Pattern Book

ImageTonight I'm excited – my Licca pattern book arrived and it's full of inspiring pictures and outfits that look like fun to make.

I'm thinking of establishing a comprehensive library of patterns for Blythe and Pullip – as long as I can get the co-operation of those many that have designed these patterns 🙂 I guess I'm doing this for selfish reasons… I just want to be able to go to one site, click on a picture of something I like and download the pattern straight away. I hope those designers are agreeable. Will also start documenting my efforts a little more carefully so things can be re-made.

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My first Blythe outfit on Ebay

So after a couple of years of selling children’s clothes on ebay (and some detritus (I mean treasure!) from around our house) I finally put my big toe in the cold, cold water of OOAK (One of A Kind) I’m offering my own personal creation for sale.

Now people will judge me (argh!) by my sewing and design skills and not by my ability to scavenge a bargain from the toddler’s clothing section of the local children’s boutique.

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