Because I’m Evil and Selfish….

Because I'm evil and selfish and didn't keep my promise to only unwrap my present today I had to take some crummy photos indoors with the flash.

Stacy sent me this gorgeous wrist cuff she made – apparently ALL the celebrities are wearing them  and what am I if not a celebrity — :-). I love it and will sew the snaps on tonight and take another photo soon with me wearing it and the 'paper' hat (which i can see myself wearing whilst 'training' my cowpony!) that she also sent. Click on the picture for flickr views and close ups.

Cuff from Mama's Doodles - Stacy

Among the goodies was also a 'snapple' lip balm which is DELICIOUS and actually works very well to keep my lips nice, some beautiful glitter cards, a gorgeous little notebook which is in my bag and therefore I have no photo, and some magnets you can write on and stick on your fridge (stuck on my fridge already, and therefore also no photo – yet!)… So, it's proven that I have no discipline – but I'm also a very lucky girl!

Thanks Stacy – you rock!