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Neue Stick-Ideen – New Embroidery Ideas

I spotted this book on months ago, and as it was only about 1 euro I bid on and won it. Although I’m German I left the country when I was five so my language skills were not well formed, but I enjoyed trying to figure out the description and ensuing transaction without too much help from Google translate.

Sadly, after waiting quite some weeks, the book didn’t show up and when I went to check on the seller he’d become unregistered. Uh-oh!

I’ve never done this before, but I filed a PayPal dispute. I was annoyed because the seller had charged me extra for the privilege of using PayPal, so damn it, I was going to take advantage of what they offered.

After some back and forth PayPal gave me my money back and I promptly forgot about the book.

But it showed up yesterday, totally unexpectedly (along with a new pair of pink corduroy flairs one size smaller than I used to wear – yay me!) and I was immediately in paroxysms of pleasure. I mean, a book with embroidery on matchboxes? I love that. Back when we celebrated smoking instead of maligning it – yeah I know it’s evil, and no I don’t smoke anymore, but I would if I could ’cause it’s so cool!

I love this stupid, colourful embroidery. Little french knots, chain stitch, flowers yum!… hmmm… where are those pink cords?
And in case you’re wondering, I PayPalled that seller his money back. So EVERYONE’S HAPPY!




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